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Is bibiana still dating jordan

Is bibiana still dating jordan

Are Bibiana & Jordan Dating After 'Bachelor Winter Games'? She Can't Jordan also has no social media presence with Bibiana, so I'm still. We Didn't Expect This Couple to Break Up at the End of Bachelor Winter the finale, Jordan wanted to have a conversation with Bibiana about.

Perhaps it's because Bibiana is far newer to the franchise and its speedily formed relationships, but she was perplexed about not being able to give Jordan an answer about their future. With such an intense goodbye between them, it's questionable if Jordan has found love since then.

Given how much negative backlash he witnessed following The Bachelor, it's understandable that Jordan doesn't exactly give away many personal details on social media. Like many of the other cast members, Jordan has mainly posted pictures with Winter Games contestants in the is bibiana still dating jordan few days, but Bibiana is in none of them.

Posting a shot with other folks familiar with the New Zealand area — Ally, Courtney, and Lily— the greatest guess someone could currently make about Jordan's love life could be him dating Ally. Ally and Lily appeared on the same season of Bachelor New Zealand together not Jordan'sso the fact that they were already friends going into Winter Games just makes this photo seem like an innocent meeting of friends.