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Dating daguerreotypes

Cased Images Daguerreotypes and Tintypes

Dating daguerreotypes

Apr 16, Dating early photographs by process and format can be a useful skill, especially if sitters' clothing offers no clues. Colin Harding provides some. Results 1, 50 of Contributor: Mason, William G. Date: Collection of the daguerreotypes are credited to Mathew Brady's studio. Brady, who today.

This daguerreotype dates from [ LEFT] Apparatus and equipment for making daguerreotypes, from an advertisement published in [ ABOVE ] An early daguerreotype studio, as depicted in a woodcut by George Cruikshank in This illustration shows the interior of Richard Beard's daguerreotype portrait studio at the Royal Polytechnic Institution in London's Regent Street, the first professional photographic portrait studio in England, which opened in

Already in November ofan dating daguerreotypes arrived in New York City to sell equipment for producing daguerreotypes. A small number of daguerreotypes survive today, many of which are dotted with spots, streaks, and scratches, as seen in the images below.

Daguerreotypes: Image courtesy of Joan L.